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My favourite sandals are flats and gladiator sandals, I love the way they cover your foot and there isn’t too much on display. They’re comfortable and chic and plenty of high street styles on the market. I’m obsessed by panama hats, the one on the right I brought at an LA market, very cheap, any plain straw hat with black band are currently are my favourites.


I’ve always had an obsession with sunglasses and I still maintain if you can’t afford to change your outfit change your sunglasses. They give you a completely different look from cat eyes to round, and mirrored they can give you a completely different look .  My favourite currently are valley eyewear and Dior I seem to own every style they home come out with this season.


When I am travelling I try to cut down as much as I can. Just for ease, 111 skin care does a great mini version of all of their creams to travel with, I never leave home without concealer especially on a long haul flight to cover the lines under my eyes, highlighter lifts your skin and makes you look like your glowing even when you’re not.

Try and sleep with an eye mask on a plane to bring down the puffiness and dryness that you get when travelling.

And a good lip nourisher. I never leave home without beauty blender which gives you the most natural finish when applying make up to your face.

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