A lovely Day with my great friend Sarah Harris, fashion editor of British Vogue. I was being interviewed on the best personal shoppers because before being a Lady of London,  that is what I did for several years, I was a stylist and personal shopper which I loved. It’s so nice to be featured and recognized for it!  I do not do many interviews these days, I tend to steer away, but who can say no to Vogue?! You can find the interview in July’s issue of British Vogue.

But I thought just for you I would share some memories from my days as a personal shopper.
One of the most fun days was hopping on a private jet from a client of mine, landing in Paris, having lunch, shopping until we dropped and landing in London with all of her bags. This does not happen all of the time but they are the ultimate moments when you feel very Pretty Woman!


One of the pitfalls of being a personal shopper and stylist is when I  would tell a shop that a very big client is coming out and as a result, they ship tons of very special items to you, only to have the client not buy a single thing! Which is always an embarrassing call to make!

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