Today I am going with the girls sort around East London, I want to look casual and cool, but chic and smart. Let’s break down the outfit!

I love the look of a leather jacket with an everyday flat cap. A black leather jacket with gold zips make a leather jacket look a little bit smarter, also note, due to the gold you really do not need to do much else as far as accessories goes. This really is an easy weekend look, casual lunch with the kids/girls, literally the basics! 

My staple basics are the legging jeans, grey t-shirt, and a hat. The hat I am wearing with this look is Isabel Marant, you can get it  on and new ones are being released too, so if you want to wait for the new collection…you can! The jeans are Frame, and they are high waisted jeans. I love high waisted jeans because they really suck you in. There are no holes in the jeans because the jacket is really the statement piece, and so you need to keep the rest of the look really really simple. 



For shoes, I swear by my Adidas “every day” trainers.  Adidas trainers are the classic Adidas style, I wear them to death and then get new ones! I just love them, they literally go with anything. If in doubt, wear them! I have even worn them with dresses at night to dress an outfit down. And they are so comfortable! Especially for going about town!

Now for makeup! So many of you want to know the my go to lipstick. The fact is, I am always searching for the best colors to pair with my look for the day. With this outfit I chose the classic Decorte, matte lipsticks, it is a bit rock chic… See below… Need I say more! Don’t we look punk chic?! But above all, the best thing to wear on your face… a smile?! 


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