A great fringe jacket from day to night, dresses everything up and makes it a bit playful, but be careful to make sure you do not buy a jacket where the fringes are too long! If they are, you can end up looking a bit too western, (cowgirl style and we do not want that!) It’s a simple look, if you are wearing fringing, everything else should be SIMPLE,  especially because there is so much going on with the jacket. High heels are a must with this look. If I was going from day to night I would literally just change my shoe, put on a black choker around my neck and ta ta you are good to go! My look this year has been a lot softer with my hair, I am doing a soft wave so it does not look as structured and also because I have had my old hair for sooo long, so I needed a change. A soft wave is so easy to do too, it is not much maintenance, you can sleep in it and it kind of looks the same when you wake up.

A blue jean with absolutely no rips is just perfect, again, let the fringes do the talking.

These fringe jackets are a bit of an investment piece, so be warned it can be expensive, so you really do not need to splurge on the other items. If  you wanted to, you could even pair with a black pair of jeans for the night and going out to dinner. I am wearing skinny jeans here, which I always wear. I think skinny jeans look good on EVERYONE. If your legs are bigger, I suggest wearing a longer top which should cut you about mid level on your leg, this will give the illusion of longer legs.

You know how jeans fringing is in this season… but has it really ever gone out of style?!?!?!


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