As you all know I like to change my style a lot, if there’s something new worth knowing about, I want to know about it and have it hanging in my closet! From shoes to bags to clothes, there is just no end and of course my husband hates it. Especially when the fact my wardrobe slightly begins to take over his.

However now my look is now completely changing, I have gone from London where the sun is heard of but hardly ever seen. To sunshine everyday! Also being on the show I tend to wear my clothes a lot and then feel like I can not wear them again as I’ve seen myself in them too many time or the days are sometimes so long that I literally feel like I have been living in them. This all being said, I’ve had to have a complete wardrobe detox and let go of a few things I have loved but just wont get use out of anymore.

I sell pretty much everything I wont wear anymore on a great website called

The prices are great across the website, everything is sold at nearly half of the retail prices. Here is a link to my profile, take a look to see what’s in my closet and happy shopping! x



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