You all know sugar was and is a weakness for me, I would substitute all food for jelly tots to get me through the day if I could! But, I am turning 40 and I knew that I had to do something about my health (let us not forget in addition to my sweet tooth I just adore Champagne!)  I realized I needed to turn my body and the way I ate into a lifestyle, not just some fad or trend to lose a quick few pounds here and there. I went looking for help around a diet and wellness plan to help keep me toned, taught and healthy. Most importantly, I wanted a health plan that could be a lifestyle, not something I stopped and started.  Well in January I visited the Vivamayr Clinic in Austria with my bff Natalie Imbruglia and it completely changed my outlook!





Not to bore you, but the main reason for my changed perspective was the way the cleanse and lifestyle changes made me feel! I have 3 kids, a business and a reality tv show and I was exhausted ALL THE TIME! Well, when I left the clinic bouncing out of bed (with no reason to! ) at 7am wide awake! (which never happens!) And falling asleep like a baby by 10… I felt so good I wanted this to continue, hence my new LIFESTYLE

Food! Food food oh and yes did I mention food? It’s all about what you eat!  Eating clean, nourishing, nutrient rich foods not only combat the signs of aging from the inside out, but they literally can shift your entire energy, mood and mindset. Sugar…or white death as I call it)  Sugar has been completely omitted from 90% of my diet. (Because I still do love Champagne!) But eating in balance and abstaining from sugar, all kinds, including sugars from fruits (let us not forget processed sugars) and eating good healthy fats is instrumental to not only feeling great, but fighting the signs of aging (which we are all doing, are we not?!). I even notice in my skin, I feel less bloated, my skin feels softer and less dry, all from removing sugar and eating more nourishing foods like avocados, Himalayan sea salt, sprouted bread, olive oil, teas and juicing.

Changing my eating habits has changed how I feel so completely that I am scared to go back to my old ways and I won’t! ….. watch this short video I captured while there:  Video.

If you are ready to jump start a health change, stay tuned because I have more tips on how to look great, feel great and stave off the signs of aging, all from healthy nutrition tips.

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