Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been so silent over the past three weeks but I’ve been busy moving my entire life from London to Dubai with a few stops in between.
Three children 1 husband an assistant and 14 luggage not easy to transport.


I hope you enjoy following my journey while I settle in to my new surroundings. So far I feel completely welcomed and looked after. I have to say the best decision I ever made was having the house totally renovated before I arrived, the style here can be very different from what I’m used to and I wanted the children to feel completely at home so I enlisted the help of a great friend of mine who owns Earlcrown design.
The important rooms to me were kids bedroom so they would be immediately happy when we arrived.

Designing the rooms has played a huge part of taking the home sickness away, as when I arrived I opened the doors to my dream home.
My children actually let out a squeal!
I wanted the house to feel like everything lead onto the outside, one room lead to the other, the outside connected to the inside and the whole house to just flow. Everything I set out to achieve they have and I cant wait to show you around!

The children started the first day of the new school, its been a week and they are already settled in. The first day was a little traumatic, as you can expect, but the first week over and they’ve all come home with school merits! I am a very proud mummy. And who are these children?! Yasmine has moved up 3 groups in reading!

zack-and-aaron-school    yas-and-c-pool

My goal for myself while living in Dubai is to slow my pace a little, enjoy the kids more and have a little bit more me time without constantly chasing my tail. So far so good.
My morning starts at 6am here get the kids up and ready for school total change for me.. it used to start at 6pm. LOL
The kids go off to school and I am now working out pretty much every day, a mix between training and Pilates which I’m really enjoying. Give me another week or 2 and my body will be solid.

The whole lifestyle here is spent completely outside and Megan and I spend our days unpacking or working by the pool. Life is good!


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