IMG-20160616-WA0021As you all may or may not know by now, my family and I are moving to Dubai in August. We have rented out our beautiful home in England, that I just finished decorating (typical of me,) and now I have the task of decorating a 13,000sqft house that I have not even seen! My husband picked it! My good friend Bianca, founder of Earl Crown, has taken on the substantial task of getting my house finished. She promises that by the time we arrive on the 26th of August, it will be completely decorated, even pasta in my jars in the kitchen shall be there awaiting us! This is the most exciting thing I have ever done. I have chosen all the materials, furniture shapes… Bianca and Earl Crown are making a lot of the furniture themselves. I have never decorated a house this way! Keep watch of my new house and furnishings, I will be choosing a few of my favorite pieces and bringing them out in my own line!

The inspiration for our new home comes from my vision of not having ANY formal rooms. It is very LA chic living. I want everyone who comes into the house to feel like they can come in, fall on the couch and chill. I am trying to create a less formal life for my children, friends and family. The main colors of the house are turquoise, yellow, blush pink, and Dior Gray. I will keep you updated on the progress…and hope Bianca makes the deadline! She promises come August all we will do is open the door, put our suitcases down and open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and welcome in our new abode! And stay tuned for my own home decor line, offered exclusively by Earl Crown Designs.



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