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Fashion week is always a busy time for me! London Fashion Week is often a mad-dash from one show to the next with very little time in between to make sure that I’m ready for the front row photographers. With LFW having drawn to a close and now being mid-Milan I thought I’d share my fashion week survival kit.

1) A Statement Bag –  There’s an unspoken war happening between fashion week attendees over who has the best bag. I feel armed and ready with my classic Hermes Kelly bag with sheen palladium hardware. It’s virtually a weapon amongst the fashion crowd.

2)      My phone   – Obviously necessary for Instagramming my fave runway looks.

3)      My bespoke personalised iPhone cover   –  Everyone has the same phone these days and who could live without the iPhone. I like to be different so my bespoke covers make me feel like I have a new phone every day alternating them to coordinate with my outfit.

4)      My Tom Ford lipstick in Paradiso Pink – I made my office hunt down every lipstick I could find this colour was my summer crush and it was limited edition. I love how it just instantly brightens up my face – perfect for pre-show photo-ops.

5)      My Hermes diary/ notebook – For those rare occasions when an iPhone just won’t do. 

6)      A pair of sunglasses –  I always carry a pair with me, day or night. I love this pair by Illesteva, they’re a  modern shape and add a fashionable edge to any outfit.

7)      Concealer  –  Never leave home without a good concealer girls.  My favourite is Matchmaster by Mac, as it can hide a multitude of sins be it dark circles from last night’s post-show party or an unfortunate break out It helps me to feel young and fresh all day.

8)      My mascara – Perfect for pre-show touch-ups. I think wearing shades during a show is a social faux pas unless your Anna Wintour of course.

9)      My iPad and headphones – I think headphones are the most stylish way to say “I’m not listening to you” when forced to talk to uninteresting people.

10)      My hair brush – I carry a Valentino Mind Brush with me because I can’t fit Luke in my bag.

11)   My charger – I always run out of battery.


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