By Luke Henderson

People often ask me what foundations I use for Caroline’s skin?   It’s always so difficult to answer because it depends on so many things such as what country we are in.  I mean if we are in Dubai or LA we do not want super dewy foundation as her skin will naturally kick out moisture. In winter we do not want flat foundations because it will make her skin look too dull.


I like to have a few on hand and decide on the day.

My one tip is, if her color match is for instance shade 5 and say the shades come in tones of 1-10, 1 being the lightest and 10 the darkest, what I do is then go for a 4 and a 6 . The reason I do this is because I put the 6 in the darker parts of her face and the 4 in the parts where the light naturally catches the sun ( i.e the forehead , tip of nose, middle of chin and cheek bones) for instance.  I then like to blend all of it together with a HD Brows foundation brush these are priced at £34.99 :

The foundation used in this photo is Tom Ford in shades 6 & 8 priced at $80.00 per stick
Tom Ford Beauty – Traceless Foundation Stick/0.5 oz. | Saks Fifth Avenue

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