As we all know and adore Caroline is lucky to have such full lips . Since Kylie Jenner it seems to be an obsession to have huge oversized lips . I have known Caroline 7 years and since the first day we met she had these lips , if you look at her father or her Son Arron they have both been blessed with these too. So it’s true they are natural !
I find if we are giving Caroline a strong eye then I tend to go for a light pinky/peachy lip as other wise it makes the face too busy. I love to use a good lip liner which I always blend in well my favourite for her is Charlotte Tilburys lip cheat and it literally is what it says :

It costs $22 which I think is totally reasonable to shape her lip and cupids Bow.
For a pinky peachy lip our all time favourite is shy Girl by Mac :It’s priced at £15.50.

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