The compact pictured here is by Decorte, it is a new brand and I love this little compact because it is so easy to carry. Plus, it is matte lipstick and the colors go with everything, so I literally leave it in my bag and never turn back!

I am always on the hunt for new styles to try, so believe it or not, when I am working/filming I actually hate having my makeup done! My obsession right now is to find my favorite color lipstick, which is a bright pink. I just think if you are wearing greys, you can’t be bothered in the morning to get up and do your eyes and the whole bit, I think it makes much more sense to get up in the morning and just put on a great foundation and bright pink lipstick and then your good to go.  (Channel your inner Gwen Stefani!)

I have not found the perfect pink lipstick yet :(   I believe you have to be cautious sometimes about pink lipsticks because they can be too purple and too overpowering, and with lips my size I can look like a walking mouth! Comment below if you have any suggestions for me to try, message me @twitter.





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