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A statement leather jacket is not only your safest investment but is also the most useful one you can make.  I consider it just as important as a handbag.  A leather jacket can go from day to night, its extremely versatile and can be worn both over a dress as well as with jeans.  One of my favourites is my “Saint Laurent” jacket that I can wear over anything and I have even a ballgown!

Investing in a few good pieces can make getting dressed and looking stunning an easy process. Here is my advice for you when you go out and start trying on leather jackets this season:

  1. Keep in mind a leather jacket is timeless, especially when its been worn in and moulds to your body. So find one that really works for your body type.
  2. Remember not to buy it too big or too small, it needs to fit snuggly as it will stretch a bit.
  3. Care for the leather jacket is critical. Be sure not to leave leather in the sun for long periods of time, or heaven forbid it gets soaked/wet (this can be hard to avoid with the chilly weather and London fog, so umbrellas and scarves are a girls best friend)
  4. Accessorize; but do it simply.

Also remember that the style needs to reflect our personality, it’s almost like a second skin.


Brands Pictured:

Leather jacket: Saint Laurent

Boots: Laurence Dacade

Jeans: Current Elliot

Jumper: Isabel Marant at Matches



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