One of the most common beauty questions I am asked is, “how can a woman your age wear nail polish that bright!”

A nail polish doesn’t come with an age rating and there is no age limit to when you can you can stop wearing a colour. I think the colour you choose can tell a lot about a person, its an expression of your yourself and can complete any outfit. I like to change my nail colour every other week and this can actually range from very bright and light colours to the darker colours.

I have recently just moved to Shellac gels, I find its a lot easier with travelling and children, its more practical and doesn’t chip as easy. I have also changed the shape of my nails, I used to have them filed to a square shape however I have now gone for a more curved look. I think this really sets off an outfit!

When I’m in London, at meetings or at smart events, I tend to go for darker colours, dark green and deep reds and Navy’s. YSL have an amazing Navy Blue, although its not available in shellac its great for a top coat. My favourite colour at the moment is Lemon Yellow, its bright and happy. Also Fuchsia Pink, is perfect for a hot country.


I tried a different colour for each nail before, sadly I was a little to old for this, but its always fun to try. Instead, I love to mix and match with my toes, I hardly ever have them matching, meaning I can chose 2 colours at once. Try it, and experiment with your next colour see how bright you can go!

As I like to change my colour every other week, I am so happy to have NStyle  at my fingertips! 😉 I visit the salon when I can and they also offer home visits which is great for me. The team are so nice and always take good care of me. They also offer other beauty treatments from nails, eyelashes, massages and hair treatments. A one stop beauty shop from head to toe, literally.

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