Clear and bright the facial, who could not get lured into something like that?! Well, I did. This is a laser facial. Here is why I am undergoing the laser, I get lines on my neck and declote from sleeping on my side. My Doctor, Dr Yannis Alexandrides, says the only way to stop this from continuing to happen is for me to sleep on my back and I just cannot seem to do that! So lasers are my line of defense! As far as the process for this, you do three sessions with the intent to resurface your skin. I love this facial because there is no down time. There are some side effects, your skin is a bit red after the treatment and it can feel a bit “sandpapery”. But then your skin begins to shed and your neck looks smoother and much tighter.


I need 2 more sessions, pictured here is my first one. The entire area is numbed for the procedure, so the discomfort is minimal, but you definitely do feel it. Just use at night a cream with some sort of glycolic acid on it to help remove the excess skin and soothe the area.

1 down, 2 to go, keep you posted. Hence the name: OPERATION LOSE MY LINES :)

Expert tip:

You are not meant to have a tan during this. You must keep out of the sun. You need to go when you’re tan is pretty much off, which is hard for me because I like to remain bronzed, especially during filming, but this is the sacrifice we make!

For more information please contact 111 Harley Street, London W1G 6AW, 0344 692 1111.


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