Who says short hair can’t be fun!

Of course I have had my platinum blonde bob / lob for years, but I love to experiment!  I decided this year to go ombré and add a darker root which has made my skin warmer and my eyes pop more! It’s still current and modern in fact, it’s more fashion forward! It makes your hair look thicker too FYI … Another plus!

It does however take even more maintenance girls 😑 if you have any signs of grey it highlights it and needs touch ups every 3 to 4 weeks … But I think it’s worth it ! I also make sure the ends of my hair the tips are white white blonde

For the best ombré visit Nevilles Senizalkan who does mine. Love her!  ❤️ and if your based in LA, Nikki Lee if you can get in her Salon is the best for ombré and – and the who’s who of Los Angeles

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