At this point I will try anything non-surgical and I have enlisted the help of Dr. Joshi and Clare Peters to help me get ready!

My current favorite is the Venus facial, I have it once a month, it tightens , brightens and lifts my skin! It’s instant so you can see the difference as soon as you finish! Always a bonus… I find the areas that let me down the most are jawline and my neck and this definitely gives an immediate result here, I have actually just started having them on my tummy now to improved the tone of my skin after all these children (lol.) To book sessions email or I am sure wherever you are you will be able to find this machine locally too.


Joshi made me try “health from the inside out” and I have been taking his Super Boost IV which includes my extra additional glutathione and L-Carnitine (which works towards detoxifying the liver and stimulating the metabolism to burn overall body fat).

These drips are magic! you feel an immediate surge of energy and your eyes get brighter and clearer, I can’t get enough! These don’t come cheap but use my code CS007 and get a discount from £320 to £280 for a treatment.

Joshi infuion

If you cannot get the treatments and they are too expensive  I highly  recommend the supplement program that I am on and love!  I take these supplements religiously… (I am beginning to feel like I rattle when I walk from all the vitamins) but honestly at 40 I feel better now than I did in my 20’s. I have changed so many bad habits the largest being cutting out refined sugars, what a difference! and wait for it COFFEE which I lived on constantly to give me an energy boost. I feel brighter and more clear than ever all day, so much so I really am scared to slip back into old habits! So for now I am on the straight and narrow.

joshi vits

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