Over the past couple of weeks it would seem I have gone silent but let me tell you life has been anything but! I am still settling in and finding my way around MY Dubai and I have got lots to share with you.

Buster has finally joined us! buster-dubai

The last member of the family is here and I am so happy it now truly feels like home. We all missed him while we were away but he has been in the very good hands of my parents. I was extremely worried about him travelling all this way and how he would cope with the change but he is doing great.


My parents actually arrived here the same day as Buster and it has been so much fun having them here. They have never been to Dubai so it has been great that I can show them my new home, new life and they get see a completely new country.  They are the same as me, very British and love the country side, so to bring them to the desert has been a huge thing but I think they are adapting well. My mum and I have been shopping and had our hair and nails done together.. just another day in the life of Caroline Stanbury! We visited my good friends salon called NStyle, and they completely transformed us, I’m still experimenting with my bright colours.. some things will never change. xx



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